Transportation consolidation is a special shipping method that allows for the same products traveling to the same vicinity to be transported together and only having to pay for the space that is needed in the freight. As it can be inferred, this method not only saves the customer money, but also allows for less transportation to be needed to the same area. This saves time on the road for truckers as well as is environmentally friendlier.  

For manufacturers and shippers, transportation costs are one of the largest parts of the budget. To improve efficiency and help with the supply chain, one way to help with this is transportation consolidation. As a way to try and eliminate high shipping costs, transportation consolidation is an effective way to do just this. It seeks to eliminate unused space. When shipments are transported with less than full trucks, fuel costs are higher due to more travel. Also, more time is spent on the road. By implementing a transportation consolidation program, less than full trucks only are needed when full truck shipments are absolutely unavailable. With this being said, shipments must be strategically planned out. Some variables include; where the shipment is going, the weight of the freight, and gas prices amongst other things. As you can tell this method is quite advantageous. Some other benefits include reduced time constraints on shipments, lower shipping risk which lowers premiums for insurance, improved accuracy of the shipment, and better control of the shipment. 

Knowing and understanding transportation consolidation before participating in it is important. One tip is to choose a consolidator that is dependable and has experience that way all your shipments are properly accounted for.

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