As a semi truck driver, or a manager of a fleet of semis, gas mileage is quite important. Perhaps now more than ever, with the rise of fuel prices. Fuel may be a large part of trucking’s budget. These prices add up over time with deliveries with many miles and pickups. On the bright side, there are some tips to increase fuel mileage for semi trucks. 

It is estimated that semi trucks get between 6-7 miles per gallon. With many miles driven each day, this statistic isn’t favorable. One way to increase mileage is to regulate the speed of the vehicle. When a truck is driven at a constant speed, a steady fuel range is also achieved. When you accelerate, you are burning more fuel than when driving at a consistent speed.

With that being said, braking too hard or abruptly can also lead to less fuel efficiency. As a driver on the road, laws should always be followed. There are, however, some braking tricks that allow for you not to come to a complete stop, thus not needing to accelerate as intensely as a full stopped semi.

Next, to increase fuel efficiency, it is important to regularly check the pressure in your ties. Gas mileage decreases by .3% when your tire pressure decreases by 1 psi. While this may seem a relatively small amount, each tire adds up as well as each difference in psi. With temperature fluctuating and the cold air, it is important to make sure your tires are properly inflated for best gas mileage on the road.

Using the terrain of the road to your advantage is another way that you can increase your gas mileage. When going up a hill use that momentum you gain approaching the hill in your favor as you go down the hill not needing to use the gas pedal from that momentum. Like any object moving down a hill, you will gain momentum and that will help boost your gas mileage.

Finally, a common gas guzzler is anytime you aren’t driving your semi and just leave it running. Whenever you will be out of your truck for more than 5 minutes, be sure to turn the engine off. Just 5 minutes of sitting there can add to the low fuel economy. Whenever feasible, turn off the engine.

While semi-trucks will never have the same fuel economy as a compact car, there are many factors that aid in increasing fuel mileage for your semi.

On a larger scale, there are more fuel conscious semi truck models within each brand. As a manager, when needing to purchase new trucks, this is a factor that should be taken into consideration. Paying more money upfront for a fuel efficient truck may be beneficial in the long run and save you money on fuel.

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