Great progress has been made when dealing with the transportation of perishable food products. While trailer floors were once built to endure the blood from fresh meat, they are now built to handle packaged and sealed food, because they can hold the temperature better. 

Food safety continues to be a top concern for grocery wholesalers and foodservice distributors. Multi-temperature systems allow companies to divide the trailer into several compartments. This entails a refrigerator/freezer combination with a compartment for perishable products, and another for frozen. All compartments carry a precisely controlled temperature that makes this all possible. 

Two and three compartment systems all for optimal temperatures for products that are incredibly diverse, such as ice cream and fresh produce. These controlled temperatures allow for enhanced food safety and quality control in the food service and food distribution industries. 

Temperature sensors determine the supply air temperature and the return air temperature. Sensors can be placed wherever the customer decides they are needed, making this a solution that is truly invested in the product. Temperature sensors also allow units to be monitored for temperature fluctuation, should an issue arise, and many can be operated remotely. 

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