As winter approaches, the snowy conditions on the road can lead to increased travel time and harsh road conditions. As a truck driver, most of your time is spent traversing these road conditions. Safety is of utmost concern. Big rig trucks and snowy, icy conditions do not mesh well. However, adding tire chains to semi-truck tires can help keep drivers safe this winter. 

It is only vital to have chains on your tires when the roads are in fact covered in snow and or ice. When the roads are not in these conditions, it can be harmful to put chains on your tires. There are three types of tire chains that can be used. The first is singles. These type of chains will only cover a single tire. Doubles will cover two tires as the name suggests. Finally triples will cover two tires as well and align in the middle to hook up. 

To put snow chains on your semi, make sure you are pulled off the road and not in the way of traffic. Take the chains, make sure the hooks are facing up, and clean them off. Drape the chains over the tires, again ensuring that the chains are free from any snow. Keep the chains facing out and the tensioners open. Then, connect the chains. This step will usually require you to get under your truck. Make sure that the link number is the same on the outside that it is on the inside. If this is imbalanced, start the process over again. Once the chain is balanced, move the truck forward to tighten them. Using a tensioning tool, tighten the chains so that there is one finger width of space between the chain and the tire. Once you have completed this process, you are ready to face the snowy roads with confidence. 

The colder weather brings on many challenges as a truck driver. It is important to exercise caution during the winter months. Adding snow chains to your semi truck tires can ease some of the anxiety of winter driving. 

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