An on time delivery might just be a phrase to a customer that they like to hear and appreciate, but the reality is that an on time delivery is actually a metric that is used by the supply chain industry to show their efficiency. This information is not only important for measuring the performance of the freight carrier, but also the satisfaction of the customer. 

As delivery volumes continue to increase, getting the freight to said destination becomes trickier and tricker. As a result, oftentimes there are late deliveries and sometimes even missed deliveries. When this happens, customer satisfaction decreases. It is estimated that 1 in 5 customers will cut ties with their delivery service if they don’t receive their shipment in time. Not only do delivery times affect a singular customer, often times when one delivery is late, other deliveries are late as well. It is important to deliver on time to customers because your top ones are going to be top contributors to your revenue as well. When product delivery is delayed or missed, it is often due to planning, monitoring, and data insights. With that being said, delivery metrics are extremely important for any transportation company. Delivery rates are one of the key factors that either hooks customers or turns them away. A great delivery time will lead to a loyal customer with great satisfaction. There are many valid reasons for shipping delays to occur such as purchase order errors, inventory inaccuracies, and shipping documentation errors. Unfortunately, customers may not understand these circumstances and won’t care about these issues if they have a late delivery.  As you can tell it takes much attention to detail to ensure a timely delivery and you will reap the benefits from this. 


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