If you have a weekly meal kit subscription or one that delivers meat to your home, a refrigerated delivery vehicle is most likely used to keep your meals cool and safe on the way to your home. How exactly do these refrigerated delivery vehicles meet food safety standards?

Refrigerated delivery vehicles must follow precautions and safety measures to keep food at the proper temperature. These foods can include meat, vegetables, and eggs. It is important to maintain the correct temperature for these foods to ensure that they do not spoil on their way to your home or store. 

Inspection Checklist

Most refrigerated delivery vehicle services follow checklists before they depart for their destination. These checklists include inspecting the hardware and equipment on the vehicles to make sure nothing is damaged and that the vehicle will be properly cooled during transport. The checklist may also include a process to cool off the vehicle to reach the proper temperature even before the food is loaded. Workers will also periodically monitor the temperature throughout the duration of the trip to ensure that it is being maintained and that nothing is malfunctioning. 

Food Safety Plan (FSP)

Food Safety Plans are carried out in the food industry to ensure that food is safe for the consumer. They are followed by the loaders, shippers, and receivers of the products. These plans consist of clear and defined written instructions that detail how the transportation procedures should be carried out. These procedures consist of how to package products, stow products, manage temperatures, and properly handle the products in a sanitary way. 

Vehicle and Equipment Storage

Once the vehicle reaches its destination and also once it gets back to its home facility, workers will ensure that it is being safely stored out of reach of possible pests. This will prevent the vehicle from being contaminated with pests that could make the vehicle unsanitary and unfit to transport food. Sanitation records are often kept to ensure these measures are being properly followed.

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