The trucking industry represents the dominant freight carrier in the united states.

It is estimated that 65% of freight tonnage is carried through trucking. With that being said, in the upcoming years, the freight activity is expected to have exponential growth.  As demand increases there will continue to be a need to change and prioritized as an investment as governmental policies change. As the volume of freight continues to increase, the size of the fleet as well as truck drivers will be in demand to keep up with production.

Even though freight volume is on the incline, there are still problems at hand for the trucking industry.

There is much supply to deliver, but with trucks traveling across the continental United States, the money that these companies will have to budget for gas continues to be on the rise. Luckily for those in the trucking industry, there is much job security as goods continue to need to be delivered. CSL driver hiring activity has been steadily inclining since January 2020. Although the last couple years have been somewhat difficult to navigate in the past couple years, the future continues to be bright. While the total tonnage is increasing, that is distributed across all forms of transportation. However, truck tonnage is expected to increase by around 3 billion tons. With that comes a greater revenue stream as well. By 2032, the revenue from trucking freight shipments should increase by $600,000.

To handle the changes ahead, the trucking industry continues to stay on top of all the latest technology offered to them.

It can range from checking for the cheapest gas prices, being aware of any unfavorable weather, and resources that contributed to prioritizing truck drivers' mental health. Not only at this level of technology, but at a level above as well. There is fleet management software that allows users to see how the fleets are performing and how they can be improved upon, thus creating beneficial change to keep up with the tonnage demands. Keeping up with technological advances can give you an edge over competitors. At Al-Amin Brothers, we are always looking to improve our software to improve our efficiency so we can continue to provide on time delivery with integrity.

As we continue to be a stand out in the freight industry, we continue to promise the best for our customers. With the ever changing freight industry, we promise to deliver with strength, integrity, and innovation. Al-Amin Brothers Transportation LLC. is a family owned service that consistently exceeds the industry standards year after year for over 25 years. Interested in learning more about what we can offer? Give us a call at (708) 895-5060 to learn more today.