Long haul truckers spend countless hours on the road. With all those hours of driving, time can grow fairly dull. Virtually every trucker occupies this time listening to music. Unfortunately, with all that time, they find that they grow tired of even their most favorite music. For this reason, many truckers turn to public radio stations to vary the content they are listening to.


Why Find Public Radio Stations?

Simply, with the amount of hours spent on the road, you can grow tired of music. Public radio offers a wide range of news stories, made-for-radio fiction, and more. Changing up your listening habits can create enough novelty to keep you going.

Of course, as podcasts increase in popularity, you may think that the need for public radio has been eliminated. What you may not be considering though, is that for long stretches of road across the country, you are unable to get the cell service required to access podcasts. 

You may know someone who listens to satellite radio. While that is a viable option, satellite radio requires a receiver and a subscription and some may not be willing to shell out the cash.


How to Find Public Radio Stations

As you drive, scan the radio for public stations. When you find one you enjoy, save it as a favorite on your radio. Over time, you will build up a series of pre-programed radio stations that you will be able to flip through along your route. Furthermore, the process of scanning through stations can help you find shows you wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to, which can break up the monotony of a long haul.


Plan Ahead

Let’s say you find a program you enjoy. Be sure to remember the name of the program so that later, you can look up other stations across the country that broadcast that program. This allows you to listen to your favorite programs no matter where you are.


Use Station Finders

NPR is a popular choice for truckers because they broadcast across the country. If you enjoy NPR’s programing, use one of the many NPR station finding tools to ensure you are able to listen no matter where you are.

If you prefer other stations, use the Radio-Locator tool to find a comprehensive list of stations in any given area. 


Give It Time

As you listen to public radio, you will develop a list of your favorite stations and programs. Soon, you will have favorite stations you tune in to across the country. With all the options available, drives become much more enjoyable.