It is not uncommon for floral companies to rely on their vehicles' air conditioning to keep their deliveries from wilting. While this may suffice with short, singular deliveries, as your business grows, this method of delivery becomes untenable. A refrigerated delivery vehicle is the only option to ensure quality deliveries time and time again.


Air conditioning is not enough

Your vehicle’s AC may keep you cool, but the ideal temperature for cut flowers is between 33 and 35 degrees fahrenheit - far colder than what your AC can provide. Sure, if you’re just darting across town the air conditioning may be enough, but if you have a further delivery, or multiple deliveries, cut flowers subjected to warmer temperatures for a prolonged period of time will inevitably begin to wilt. Also, if you’re doing multiple deliveries, you will be forced to leave your vehicle’s engine running while you make each stop, causing unnecessary wear on your vehicle’s engine.


Dedicated Space for Each Arrangement

Even with the utmost care, a car is not designed to transport floral deliveries. With the limited space, any attempt to deliver multiple bouquets runs the risk of the flowers jostling in the cabin and taking some amount of damage. With a dedicated refrigerated delivery vehicle, there is ample space to accommodate multiple deliveries and ensure the safety of each one.


Customer Satisfaction

The difference between the crisp, fresh look of a floral arrangement delivered with a refrigerated delivery vehicle and an arrangement delivered in a standard vehicle relying on AC is considerable. With a refrigerated delivery vehicle, customers will remember how fresh their flowers looked and be far more inclined to return in the future than if your delivery conditions are just ‘good enough.’

If you’re ready to take your floral business to the next level, utilizing a refrigerated delivery vehicle is a great step. At Al-Amin Brothers Transportation, we follow all procedures to ensure that your products are taken care of and get to your customers in perfect condition. We strive for excellence in refrigerated transport services, and can’t wait to learn how we can meet your needs! Call us today at (708) 895-5060, or reach us online.