It is known that refrigerated trucking has proven to be beneficial for the transportation of temperature sensitive products, but what about the storage of these items in warehouses before being loaded onto its next leg of transportation?

Introducing cold storage! Chicago Cold Storage is a full service storage and distribution center that is a beneficial option for your storage needs transporting specific items such as those that are temperature sensitive. This option is beneficial especially for the transportation of perishable items. This allows for the shelf life of these perishable items to be preserved in the way they need to which ensures that the product is fresh on shelves and profitable. For example, some fruits are seasonal and by using cold-storage, these items can stay fresher for longer.

With cold storage, the warehouse has regulated temperatures that fit your needs. Not only is there refrigerated storage, but also freezer storage as well.  Versatile temperature options allow for different fruits, vegetables, medicines, flowers and even cosmetics to be stored properly. As a customer that ideal temperature and needs should be communicated  and can be controlled based on the customer’s request. Cold storage is a great way to be cost effective especially in the food industry. This type of storage leads to less spoilage and increases the longevity of the item. When all the product shipped makes it to the store, there is no money lost in inventory issues.

Another benefit of the Chicago Cold Storage is detailed labeling at the cold storage facility. This ensures that the pallet is in the correct area and is correctly loaded and unloaded based on the needs of the specific item. We also provide pallet tracking so you are aware of the location of your product at all times of the transportation journey. Using cold storage frees up space, thus products not needing refrigeration can have priority in a non-regulated warehouse.

Chicago Cold Storage also has cross docking as well for your products. Products coming into cold storage will be unloaded quickly and efficiently by the trucking experts at Al-Amin Brothers Transportation, LLC. and then are moved into the center of the warehouse where they are sorted and then moved to the next leg of travel to its destination while still staying fresh in the temperature regulated cold storage warehouse. 

We strive for excellence in the refrigerated trucking industry.

Looking to find a cold storage facility that fits your distribution needs? Al-Amin Brothers Transportation, LLC has a full-service cold storage distribution center. It is the only public refrigerated warehouse in the Chicago area located at 25525 S. Dixie Hwy in Crete, IL. Visit us online at or give us a call at (708) 304-5060.