Transporting and delivering goods is incredibly important to businesses today, but transporting and delivering perishable goods takes extra precautions, standards, and care. Businesses can transport non-perishable goods in practically any vehicle, but perishables require specific refrigerated delivery vehicles to ensure they arrive at their destination intact and safe for the consumer.

Below are five companies that benefit from refrigerated delivery vehicles:

1. Florists
In order to help flowers maintain their freshness and posture, they need to be transported in a temperature controlled vehicle. Flowers are not always able to survive hotter temperatures. They may wilt or start to die if they are in the back of a hot vehicle for an extended period of time. They also may become severely dehydrated. Utilizing a refrigerated delivery vehicle for your floral business will help you efficiently deliver orders and keep customers satisfied.

2. Frozen Treat Vendors
If your company sells frozen treats such as ice cream, frozen drinks, or popsicles, you need to invest in refrigerated delivery vehicles. It would be impossible to deliver frozen treats without them melting because they need to be kept at a specific temperature to stay intact. If your company is thinking about branching out and starting a delivery service for your products, it is vital that you consider using refrigerated delivery vehicles.

3. Pharmaceutical Companies
If you have ever been to a pharmacy, you may notice that the pharmacist will sometimes retrieve someone’s prescription from a refrigerator. This is because certain medications and vaccines need to be kept at certain temperatures to prevent them from losing their efficacy and potency. Some medications can even spoil if they are exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time. If you own or operate a pharmaceutical company, it is imperative that you consider a refrigerated delivery vehicle if you plan to start delivering products to your patients and consumers.

4. Meal Preparation Companies
Companies that deliver meal kits to your door are extremely popular today. These companies make it easy for you to cook for yourself or for your family by sending you everything you need to cook your meals. These meals often include meat, vegetables, fruit, or even frozen goods. This means that refrigerated delivery vehicles are essential to these companies in order to comply with food safety regulations and ensure the food is safe for the consumer upon delivery. These companies would not be able to operate without refrigerated delivery vehicles.

5. Art Companies
Did you know that certain art pieces may require a temperature controlled environment? This means that companies that deliver art pieces should invest in a delivery vehicle that has the capability to ensure that the art piece stays intact on its way to its new owner. If art pieces experience anything hotter or colder than their required temperature, it could cause them to shrink, stretch, melt, or become brittle. A refrigerated delivery vehicle will ensure that valuable art pieces are safely delivered to their destination by keeping the vehicle at the ideal temperature.

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